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When refering to an older vehicle, something with a tape deck, adding an AUXILIARY input could be as simple as using a cassette with an auxiliary cable, these cassettes are specially made to input audio through an existing cassette system.

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There is room on the front face of the head unit or you could tuck it somewhere under the dash, it is up to you.It is compatible with the external factory 6 CD changer and PAL (Personal Audio Link).Hey Guys, I finally found a solution to the AUX problem and installed an AUX input for an MP3 player.

This auxiliary audio input will work in many 1995-2002 GM vehicles with factory radios that have a working slave unit such as factory CD changer, separate factory cassette player, or separate single CD player.However, you can also connect an external device with the auxiliary cable.Note: Very rarely, the auxiliary input connection in some vehicle models may require an audio cable with RCA left and right connectors to connect to it.So far I am really happy with this mod which is probably why I put so much time into this write up.GTA Car Kit for Toyota Camry 2002, 2003 and 2004 is all you need to integrate your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player with your stock car stereo system.

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My 1998 Camry with stock stereo system has a tape and CD player — but no aux input.Iam worried about back fed of voltage to the cd player or ipod.Step 3: Solder in Aux Input Jack Once you have identified the audio pins, find a place to mount the internal jack.

Run shielded cable with the outer conductor connected to the gound side or chassis (through the.47 capacitor) and the center conductors to.Follow the steps outlined below to wire this powerful sound system into your vehicle.

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Posted on April 29, 2016 by Sammy. Honda. Name 1943 jpg views 4108 size 3 26 mb 2003 acura tl aux.

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I have yet to drill holes in anything (glovebox or other wise).

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Installation Instructions. 1 Auxiliary connector retrofit for external audio sources BMW 5 Series (E 60, E 61) BMW 6 Series (E 63, E 64) Retrofit kit No. 65 12 0 153 502 Installation time The installation time is 1.0 hours, but this may vary depending on the condition of the car and the equipment in it.

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Maybe you would like to rout it to the inside of the center console.And with a car integration device, you can now use the speaker system to emit your preferred soundtracks.We ended up putting the aux plug in that middle compartment, rather than the glove box.Cassette adapters work, but often look sloppy and offer only marginal audio quality.

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If you guys know of any threads that would give me the information I am after, I would appreciate the link.In this case, the cable needs to have a 3.5 mm male stereo plug on one end (to connect to SIRIUS Vehicle Dock), and RCA left and right audio plugs on the other end.

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Adding aux audio to your car takes attention to detail but is a doable task for you and a friend on a weekend afternoon.I finally got the time to hook up the aux input and now I am trying to find the best place to mount it.

A good way to install this setup would be to purchase a double RCA phono jack board and mount it somewhere inside the wood cabinet.

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I want to install an AUX connection on my car navigation system.